Founded in 1994, Falua was acquired in 2017 by the Roullier Group, with a presence in other areas of activity in 131 countries, with more than 8 thousand employees worldwide and a turnover of more than € 2 billion.

With a vast range spread around the world, it gives rise to a diversified portfolio that includes top reference brands such as Conde Vimioso, Falua, Monte da Serra, Nazaré North Canyon, Tejo Creek, and Tercius.


In the iconic Convento da Serra Vineyard, planted in 1996, vines are grown among pebble stones, in an emblematic terroir that tells a story of more than 400 thousand years. 70 hectares of own vineyards and 200 hectares of farmers that accompany us for many years give birth to wines that reveal the essence of the place, the grape varieties, the people, and the passion for nature that characterizes our entire team.

Next to it stands the winemaking center with exceptional conditions for the creation of wines that tell the story of an undiscovered Region and, in the barrel room – the greatest icon for perfecting the experience – a tasting allows you to feel the surroundings throughout its essence.

Falua is a synonym of a journey through wine in each bottle, as the ambassador of Portugal worldwide, witnessing the commitment of a French reference group, which chose Portugal to start its wine project and Falua, as a major example. the richness and expression of a unique and unparalleled terroir.

"Through the Tejo, you go to the world"

Fernando Pessoa


Fulfilling the Portuguese tradition of unique and distinct wines, which are affirmed by quality and character, the Conde Vimioso range is the seal of a historical legacy, whose wines assume their own identity. The combination of indigenous varieties with foreign varieties gives rise to enriching experiences, based on the character of the terroir and experience, in close articulation with innovation and ambition. They are not just wines, but pieces of history that are revealed in each bottle, in white, red, and rosé wines, Reserva wines and sparkling wines that celebrate the Tejo in the glass.


The emerging challenge that the wine sector faces in the scope of sustainability is an engine of innovation for companies such as Falua, which dedicates its attention to agricultural management and development oriented towards the conscious use of natural resources, with respect for nature.

Oriented in three aspects – environmental, economic, and social, sustainability is a compromise of Falua, with the grape production undergoing minimal intervention in the use of treatments of pest control and diseases, but also benefiting from the richness of a soil covered by pebble stone, with all exclusive properties and potential that these conditions bring to our vineyard.